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Cotton yarn trend stable price slightly fall

Yarn (9.18): pure cotton yarn trend is relatively stable, trading concentrated in C32S, 40S, etc., other specifications are relatively light, high branches slightly weaker than conventional. R30S sales are still good, but the price is also down due to the weakness of viscose. The price of some pure polyester yarn has dropped slightly, and T50S has not been able to run smoothly. T45S is still able to take the goods and is also affected by the decline of PET staple. Polyester and viscose yarn 40S/2 trading volume rose slightly, prices fell slightly. At present, there is a slight increase in the stock of the mills, and the maintenance is still high.

The conventional pure cotton yarn prices fall slightly, the overall goods are relatively general, textile manufacturers and traders ship a strong attitude, Nantong C40S package bleached to 26000 yuan / tonne of cash. Shandong Changyi pure polyester yarn smoothly forward, the original white quality excellent 32S offer 12500-15000 yuan / ton short delivery, pure black 32S quoted price 12500 yuan / ton short delivery, downstream demand slightly reduced. Influenced by the fall of polyester staple fiber, the price of polyester cotton yarn is also weak, Shandong T80/C20 40S Xinjiang cotton quoted price 16800 yuan / ton, CVC60/40 21S Xinjiang cotton quoted price 19000 yuan / ton, all lower than earlier, the manufacturer's order not good storage increase slightly.

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