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What's the trend of cotton and cotton yarn in the new year?
After taking part in the investigation of seven days in Zhengshang and the China Cotton Information Center, we visited the Corps of cotton and hemp, the eight teachers of agriculture, the seventh agricultural division, the five teachers, and the more representative ginning mills, the big cotton farmers and the 2 North Xinjiang delivery banks. The output of Northern Xinjiang has three characteristics: an increase in area (a large increase in the area of local cultivation, a 30% increase in some areas, a stable growing area of the regiment, only a small increase), a significant increase in the single yield of the single yield, and a good reflection of the quality of the single yield of 400 kg / mu of the seed cotton (400 kg / mu), and the increase in the quality of the agricultural eight divisions. This year's "double 29" cotton is more than 90%). Because of the rising cost of planting this year, cotton growers generally demand a higher level of stability than last year. It is expected that the total output of the new year is about 4 million 500 thousand tons, the planting area has increased, the increase of the local area is larger, the Corps is more stable, and the output of the northern Xinjiang has a significant increase. In terms of cotton quality, the quality of cotton in Northern Xinjiang is obviously improved, and the quality of cotton in southern Xinjiang is only a small increase in some enterprises.


The new year cotton mainly concerns four main points: 1. the expected price of the seed cotton is approximately 6.5-7.2 yuan / kg; 2. Xinjiang warehouse is willing to participate, but there are constraints; 3. the overall cost of cotton increases as the cost of picking up the flowers and the cost of water resources, the cotton needs to be improved in the 4. territory, the Corps has local textile enterprises. Xinjiang's domestic sales share expanded significantly.

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